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I just realized that the Bratz Boyz get neglected all the time; I mean, when was the last time a decent Bratz Boy came out... other than Sportz Dyl and Prince Iden? I myself, would love to see more Boyz made, I mean... it wouldn't hurt.

So, I thought I'd take a few pictures of my favorite guys, although I love Cade the most.
I just LOVE a bad boy lol...

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This is Funk Out Cade with a major makeover, I think he's diggin' the look for the time being. His hair has been shaped into a weird mohawk-style, which took me awhile to accomplish. I also gave him a little blush and darkened his lips a little bit.

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I love the Punkz Boyz. I think that was one of the best Bratz Boyz collections, ever!

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ooh that last pic of dylan thats sooo something I would wear
that 3rd pic looks very jrock
awesome photos
He does look like a Jrocker in that pic lol.

Thanks ^_^
Cade looks awesome...what an improvement...all the boyz in the pics do. I miss the Boyz too. Thanks for the nice pics.
Lol, thanks!

I was just so tired of that lame, played out hairstyle. I had to do something to it ^_^

Man, you make me want to de-box my Punkz Eitan, and I STILL want a Flashback Koby for that shirt! What jeans on on the Punkz Dyl?
Yes, yes!
Debox Eitan! He's so much more awesomer outside of the box, he's begging to come out lol :o)

Those jeans, I think, are from Flashback Fever Cade, I could be wrong tho.
His hair looks so cute! I don't really care for the boys that much, but they definitely have the coolest male clothes around! It's just too bad most of them are too small on other males :o.
Yes! They do have the some of the best guy clothes ^_^

True, their clothes are waaaaaaay to small for other guy dolls, which sucks lol.
too cute! i love them all! what shoes is cade wearing? and punkz dylan is adorable. that outfit is perfect. true, those punk boyz were the shit. i miss the boyz!
He's wearing WildLife Safari Dylan's boots, I love those boots!

True dat, lol. They were the shit. Eitan rocked in that line, and Dyl looked cute as a blonde lol.

Yeah I wish MGA would would do more for the Boyz, I hope they aren't phasing them out :o(
Hey can you add me? I like the dylan pic he has the nicest style!