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I love the Kidz, I think they are the best things to come from MGA at this point. I bought these girls on Monday from my trips to both Target and Wal*Mart. I saw most of the new stuff in Wal*Mart though, and I picked up Vespa Yas on clearance for eleven bucks. While I was there I was tempted to get the Cloe & Yas bike set but it's still at $25. I just decided I'll wait for that price to go down before I get them lol. I also saw Pampered Pupz Yasmin there too, which was a total suprise to me because I didn't think she'd show up in stores so soon. I think I might go back and get her this weekend.

At Target, they mostly had some of the older stuff, like 1st edition Kidz Sasha, Jade, and Cloe. Since I missed out on them earlier, and feared going to Evilbay to search for them, I had to get them! I also picked up Summer Kidz Cloe there and Magic Hair Dana. I wasn't really to keen on Dana's default outfit, so when I got home I switched into Sleepover Adventure Meygan's pjs. I guess that's gonna have to do for now lol. One teeny complaint though... I noticed that Summer Kidz Cloe's beach bag was glued to her towel. I wondering, is it supposed to be like that?!? I did however separate the towel from the bag with hot water, but there is glue crap on the towel, which is a shame 'cause I thought that towel was cute. Oh well lol.

summer cloe is the cutest ever in ur pic!!! eeeeek! so adorable. yeah, the kidz are the best. if i ever do stop collecting bratz, i'd still collect the kidz because they're sooooo efffing cute. great pix as always.
Thank you :o)

Yes the Kidz are awesome! I've always thought they were cute, but I never really thought about getting them until recently. Now I just think they are the best things.

oooh more new kidz! i'm lovin' your photos. the Kidz are so effing cute, I don't think i can ever stop collecting them.
Lol, thank you!

At this point, I don't think I can stop collecting them either. MGA is killin' me with the Kidz.
How cute!! Ugh, the sacchrine levels are thru the roof. I **love** Cloe's boots...wish MGA'd do more boot styles because those strange little sandal things they got goin' on right now are just so not right. Isn't SV Cloe's skintone just dreamy?

Great post. :)

Yeah, I love those boots too. It would be cool if they made more boots for them, 'cause I don't like the sandals either. I think is the lack of toes or something lol.

Cloe with a tan is always awesome to me, lol.

eep such cute photos ^___^ sasha at the light switch is my fave :)
Hehe, thank you :o)