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So after shopping for some shoes with my Christmas money, I thought I'd stop by Target to see if they had any good sales, since it's been a while since I've been there... to my great surprise they did! Almost everything was half off, there was alot to choose from and with about $60, I did great :o). I took a few craptastic photos of my loot, I need to do better with this shitty lighting lol!

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Since they were on sale I thought I'd pick up the Kidz Sisterz, I think they are so cute and I just adore the artwork. Since space is limited here they are going to be staying in their boxes until I move into a bigger place. Now I have to get Jade and Sasha from the original line, ugh the Kidz are so cute lol.

I also saw the older versions of the Sisterz, they weren't on sale so I'll just get them later.

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Omg Cloe an Shar, yah lol. I think this is actually my first Cloe with a tan, (I NEVER could find SKS or Spring Break Cloe in stores, ever. Still kinda bummed about that) I love that look on her anyway. They marked these bitches down to $10, far from what they originally where priced at... a whopping $30 for next to no accessories lol! I'm so glad I waited for a sell like this, although I couldn't find a Jade in sight *pout*. Now all I need to find is Jade and Vinessa and I'll be done with the Diamondz line. I decided not to get Yas and Sasha... I just didn't like them that much when they first came out, but I might get them too since this sell is goin' on ;o).

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Fashion Fever bitches! They weren't on sale, but I still had to get them since sadly I've seen what's to come to this once awesome line dolls.

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The only Fashion Fever closet they had left, and it was only about four bucks. I wish they had more...

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Even though I'm not too keen on the Fab Face chicks, I couldn't resist Nolee at $6.48. I was going to get Madison too, but she was about ten bucks, and I was like "nah", and decided to wait until she gets marked down some more. Anyway, I feel like this was more of an impulse purchase because like I said before, I'm too keen on the Fab Face chicks, but I love their outfits... which are great for re-dressing my other girls :o).

*sigh* What a great day!

Wow, congrats! I definitely would have picked up the closet and the fab faces doll for that price :o. The lowest each of those have been around here, is $10 and $13!

Yeah, at that price I just could not refuse to get Nolee. You know I just realized, I think that larger tiara she comes with is a perfect size for a Pullip. Hmm, I wish I had one of my Pullips with me to see though :o(.

I wish they had more of those Fashion Fever closets though. Almost all of the Fashion Fever stuff was gone, I totally would have gotten more lol.
damm those prices are good! I don't have your luck...the Bratz and Barbie aisles at my Target are completely empty save for FD Cloe, two Rodeo horses and the Ice Champion playset. dolls sell out quickly here in this big, dirty city. Congratz on the new stuff. Love your pics BTW.
Yeah, it was so strange lol. The Bratz isle at my Target had almost an ample amount of Bratz. They had like a couple of the older lines like Genie Magic and the Sportz Teamz, lots of Diamondz Cloes and Sharidans, the Rodeo girls didn't see the horses though, tons of the Ice Champions, the Sisterz, and lots of other stuff lol.

I even saw the new Sleep Over line, they only had Cloe and Yas. I just might get them later on. I also the the new Sportz girls, I need to get Cloe and Fianna, both of them look great :o).

The Barbie isle was pretty full though, but most of the Fashion Fever stuff was wiped out and I just picked out was was left lol.

Lol, thanks Riddley!
I know this is a really old post, but congrats on the great finds! Hope you don't mind that I've added you. :)
Lol, thanks! Yeah, I really need to do an update soon, I'm such a slacker.

I've added you back :o)